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August 27, 2014: The results from the Transfer Mud Drags are available here. Pictures from Saturday's action have also been added.

August 20, 2014: This Friday and Saturday, August 22 and 23, Mud Missile will be at the Transfer Mud Drags. Get more info from the Mud Racers Association website. Hope to see everyone there!

July 23, 2014: A video of Chuck Jr launching Idiot Proof over the top of a hill climb at Muddy Run Raceway in September 1992 has been added to the History page. Thanks for sharing this - after all the years of hearing stories we finally get to see it!

July 16, 2014: This past weekend at the 27th Annual A&A Auto Stores Summer 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals in Bloomsburg, PA, the winner of Class III was Brent Foster in A-Game with a best time of 2.919. The Class IV winner was Brian Erne in Prosecutor with a best time of 2.501. The Class V winner was Kelly O'Dell in Under Pressure with a best time of 2.200. The Class VI winner was Kelly again with a best time of 2.26. Mud Missile finished 3rd in Class V and 2nd in Class VI. Pictures from Classes III, IV, V, and VI have been posted.

May 19, 2014: This past weekend at the 29th Annual Spring 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals in Lima, OH, the winner of Class IV was Chris Rogers in Hurricane Bailey with a best time of 2.369. The winner of Class V was Kelly O'Dell in Under Pressure with a best time of 2.152, a new national record. Kelly was also the winner of Class VI, with a best time of 2.121, another new national record. Issues with staging required track workers to manually stage the racers with the old "this far to go between my hands" method, so it is unclear whether Kelly's national records will stand, but there is no question he was extremely fast and has an outstanding car this year. Congrats Kelly, looking forward to seeing what you do the rest of the season. In Class IV, Ed Block had problems shutting down and was unable to stop before crashing through a fence and then through the wall of a building past the fence. Ed was able to walk away, but his car is mostly destroyed. No word from the guys who were pressure washing the roof of the building at the time. Pictures from Ed's crash and from Classes IV, V, and VI have been posted.

October 17, 2013: This past Saturday, October 12, at the Showdown in Cobbtown, the winner of Open Paddles was Joey Kacal in Bounty Hunter with a fastest time of 2.147. Mud Missile finished in 4th place with a fastest time of 2.282. The winner of Combined Paddles/Cuts was also Joey Kacal with a best time of 2.223. Mud Missile finished in 7th place with a best time of 2.445. See the complete results from all classes in the Mud Racers Association Forum.

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